Sunday, December 18, 2011

RegistrationType & RegistrationId in SharePoint 2010 declarative Ribbon customizations

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This post is a part of the upcoming series about SharePoint 2010 and related technologies. I'm an enthusiast of SharePoint platform (especially of 2010 version) and I like very much to explain things I know to others. These articles is my attempt to systematize my own knowledge of platform and to help others to understand it. I'd like to hear from you if there are any mistakes or things on the subject of the given article that are not covered. You can write your comments here or on my email -
I will update any article as my knowledge will improve. And sorry for my English - it's not quite good now but I'm learning. :) Fill free to point me on any mistakes.

RegistrationType and RegistrationId attributes of <CustomAction> element are being used in the declarative SharePoint 2010 user interface customizations when they target any list/library related Ribbon UI.
RegistrationType and RegistrationId attributes works in pair only. They form a combination where RegistrationType is a type of criterion for applying customization and RegistrationId is a value of this criterion to compare with content.