Thursday, January 1, 2015

The contents

My projects:
  1. - the full path to the current folder in the SharePoint 2010 document library breadcrumb
  2. - SharePoint 2013 Document Library Callout Template Modification Helper

SharePoint 2010 Ribbon:
1. The Browse Tab In SharePoint 2010 Ribbon
2. RegistrationType & RegistrationId in SharePoint 2010 declarative Ribbon customizations

SharePoint 2013:
1. Custom Callouts in the SharePoint 2013 Metro UI: Part 1: Basics
2. Custom Callouts in the SharePoint 2013 Metro UI, Part 2: Actions
3. Custom Callouts in the SharePoint 2013 Metro UI, Part 3: CalloutManager
4. Custom Callouts in the SharePoint 2013 Metro UI, Part 4: How to use callouts in autohosted app
5. Custom Callouts in the SharePoint 2013 Metro UI, Part 5: Modification of the Document Library Item Callout Content
6. Custom Callouts in the SharePoint 2013 Metro UI, Part 6: How to update custom calout content on its opening


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